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R.L. Powell Is a co-author, illustrator, entreprenuer, and  business owner. She has organized and managed RobRick Outdoors for over 30 years.    

RobRick Outdoors

     ‚ÄčD.W. Powell is an author, speaker, storyteller and radio & TV personality. When he is not writing or speaking, he can be found seeking new adventures in the great out doors. Dick enjoys spending time on the water, in his canoe or kayak, and camping in the woods where his imagination comes to life.

     D.W. (Dick) Powell has brought together the facts of starting a business and the importance of how to maintain it to be successful in a way all can understand. His business acumen started at an early age with his first business at eleven years old.
Earning enough to send himself to Boy Scout summer camp. He continued with a thirty year service with a major telecommunications company rising to the level of Interim Director of Outside Plant Instruction.
     He has since gone on to start new companies, revive struggling companies and encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit. He has created Earth Wind Fire Water Training and Development as a way of helping everyone achieve their dreams of owning their own successful company.
Dick is married to his best friend, co-author and business partner for fifty years.