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"WOODSCRAFT NATION" is a look at how the Native American culture and the pioneer spirit built a nation. It uses a paradigm shift from strict academia to a hands-on learning style of living.

KIDNAPPED ON THE HIGH PLAINS is about a young man growing into an adventure that tests his ability to survive.


                SWAMP ARCHEOLOGIST

SWAMP ARCHEOLOGIST: While exploring the deep, dark swamp at the end of the road, eleven-year-old D.W. Patton discovers clues to a long-forgotten robbery gone bad. A gravestone with no skeleton and buried treasure sets the scene for an exciting adventure.


Finding Samantha is the third book in the Dead End Kids Adventures series. It is the tale of D.W. Patton, a young teenage boy, who is led on an adventure after finding a bleached box turtle shell with a message to "Help" and an ID bracelet inside.

HOW NOT TO LOSE Your BASS in Business

HOW NOT TO LOSE Your BASS in Business was written to help small business owners navigate through the everyday realities of small business.

"I've known Dick for many years through business, and he has always gone that extra mile in his business relationships. With the positive attitude he maintains it is easy for Dick to turn business problems into opportunities. If you are looking for someone who takes action and has dedication, loyalty and integrity, you won't do any better!"

J. Salem


XMarks The Spot

Clear Water Treasure X Marks the Spot is the fourth book in the Dead End Kids Adventures series. It is a tale of D.W. Patton and his pals from a youth organization called the Gator Tribe of the Woodscraft Nation.

After a treasure box with clues lands on D.W.'s head the hunt begins....